Game Rangers and Trackers

The best trained and most experienced team of game rangers and trackers, under the leadership of Paddy Hagelthorn and Neil Whyte, have been assembled to ensure the most diverse and complete safari experience available.

Trackers – Lawrence Masuku, Abraham Sibuyi, Lybon Nkuna, Life Mhlaba and Julius Sibuyi – were all born in this area. They have a lifetime of knowledge of the African bush and have all undergone extensive training in the art of tracking Africa’s wildlife, ensuring that Savanna provides its guests with a comprehensive check list of sightings.

Paddy Hagelthorn

Paddy Hagelthorn was born and educated in Zimbabwe, formally Rhodesia, where he did his national service after school.  From a very young age he took a lively interest in all wildlife and the African bush and knew this was where his future lay. He left Bulawayo in 1983 and came to South Africa where he soon moved to the bush to fulfil his passion for wildlife.

Paddy has spent the last 26 years in South African private game reserves, conducting safaris, managing lodges and training rangers. His wealth of experience in the African bush has enriched his innate talent for seeking out and understanding wild animals. He is a renowned ornithologist and, although he enjoys all game as much as birds, he takes a special delight in leopards.

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Neil Whyte

Neil Whyte was born and brought up in Kruger National Park where his father, Ian Whyte, was a senior researcher and is regarded as one of the foremost experts on elephants in South Africa. Growing up in the African bush has given Neil an incredible knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region and a deep insight into the ways of the wildlife which abounds there.

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David Wilson

David Wilson was born in the United Kingdom. He arrived in South Africa in the 1970’s and was educated in Cape Town. He has always had an interest in wildlife, a passion that started on a three day visit to the Kruger National Park in 1986.

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Derrick Tibane

Derrick Tibane is one the major success stories of post-apartheid South Africa. He was born in the local village, Justicia where he went to school and developed his love for the outdoors.

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Daniel Fincham

Daniel was born in Zimbabwe and started his schooling in Harare before moving to South Africa in 1999. He has had a passion for the bush and wildlife from a young age and went on bush and fishing excursions with friends and family at every opportunity.

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Kevin Williams

Kevin grew up in KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa, but his love for adventure and the outdoors started at the tender age of 5 during a family fishing trip to the Zambezi River.

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